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summary of R. K. Narayan's "An Astrologer’s Day"

An Astrologer’s Day is a short story by R. K. Narayan.  It is in third person narration.  R. K. Narayan is a famous English novelist.  An Astrologer’s Day is about an astrologer, who overcomes a difficulty from a stranger.  The astrologer is a person with many characters.

The Astrologer as a cheat
The author opens the story by explaining the physical appearance of the astrologer.  He is a man with sacred ash and vermillion in his forehead.  He has a turban around his head.  This costume of the astrologer attracts people towards him.  He does not know anything about astrology.  He does not even know what would happen to him in the next 10 minutes, but he cheats his customers.  He acts as if he knows all about astrology.  He cheats many people by pleasing them and by saying astonishing things.

The criss-cross light around him helps him to cheat those people because they cannot see his face clearly, as he lies.  He is a liar even to his own wife.  He hides the secret of his past life.  Even at the end he says only a little of his past guilt of drinking, gambling and stabbing Guru Nayak.  This shocks his wife and the readers.

The Astrologer as a Stingy Person
The astrologer is a miser.  He does not have a light on his own.  He depends upon the light rays from the shops that are around him.   During nights, he uses the dim green light.  He closes his business when the nuts vendor moves.  This stingy nature is an advantage for him.  He feels happy with the criss-cross light.

The Astrologer as a Brilliant Person
The astrologer, though he is a cheat, is admired for his brilliance.  He faces his customers in an astonishing way.  He tackles all his customers and sends them satisfied.  This quality he has got from his experience.  He says things that 9 out of 10 people would agree.  In case of Guru Nayak, the astrologer is extremely brilliant.  He identifies him with a small light from the match and says all about him in a safe way.  He escapes from him vey easily.  He is very brilliant.

The Astrologer as Cheated
            When the story ends, we see the astrologer as a cheated person.  From the beginning, he cheats others but at the end, he stands cheated.  Guru Nayak instead of giving one rupee gives just 12 and half annas.  The astrologer worries about this.


  1. It talks about how the astrologer comes across a guy called Guru Nayak whom he had tried to kill when he was young..
    the main theme of this story is : Role of fate in mans life
    Another theme is revenge and punishment for which Guru Nayak comes in search of the astrologer to find him and take his revenge ..maybe by killing the astrologer.-- ASHOK PANDYA, SAU.UNI.RAJKOT

  2. you didnt explain the main theme of the story. actually the theme is all about the clash between guru natkaeyak and astrologer and guru nayak spending so many years in search of the man to the revenge.

  3. Vikash Saharan9 July 2012 at 22:13

    I liked your story summary. It's simple and clear. Thank You.

  4. it is clear and could be understandable

  5. Thanks! it was very clear and easy to understand because of your structure.

  6. very intresting story

  7. very nicely framed with a quality language.......
    just like it !


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