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A Tea Party - Ruth Prawar Jhabvala Summary

Ruth Prawar Jhabvala was born on Germany.  She has written many novels and short stories.  A Tea Party is about Prem, a college lecturer, who goes to a tea party with his wife.

Indu’s Dressing
Prem works as a lecturer in Khanna Private College.  Mr. and Mrs. Khanna invites all the teachers for a tea party.  Prem asks his wife Indu to come along with him.  Indu takes more time in dressing.  She wears her best saree.  She wears more jewels.  She looks different from her normal look.  Prem looks at her with surprise.

Prem’s Instruction
They both go out of the house.  They talk less while walking.  Indu asks Prem about the way she should behave in the party.  Prem asks her to talk with people in a decent way.  This is new for Indu.  Indu is uneducated. 

Dishes at the Tea Party
Mr. and Mrs. Khanna receive them happily.  They both enter and take their seat.  Varieties of dishes are served in the party.  The women pass the dishes to men.  The men ask them take it.  All women start eating.  Indu likes the sweets very much.  She eats the dish and forgets about others around her.

Prem’s Embarrassment
            Mr. Chadda is also a lecturer in the college.  He stands up and thanks Mr. and Mrs. Khanna for the party.  He says that such parties would help them build a good relationship.  Everyone agrees with him.  During his talk, Prem sees Indu eating lots.  This embarrasses Prem.  Indu does not care for him and she eats a lot.  He feels bad about her behaviour.

            By the end of Chadda’s speech, everyone starts moving home.  Prem feels sad that he did not speak.  He  does not wish to scold Indu for her behaviour.

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